BART Read #1

December 30, 2007 at 2:46 pm (book review) (, )

Today’s book review is a BART read. What is a BART read? Well, for me, a BART read is a paperback back book that is a fun, fast read that lets you pay attention to the train stops.

Anyway, I read To Kiss a Frog by Elle James yesterday. It is a retelling or the Frog Prince , but in this case our handsome,womanizer hero is a frog by day and a man at night. He has been cursed by a voodoo priestess; cursed to find love or become a frog forever. Our heroine is a serious scientist that needs to find real love. The steamy atmosphere of the bayou leads to steamy sex. A book with a lot of laughs, a little mystery, some adventure, likable characters, and at the end the smart woman uses her brain to think about love. A satisfying romance

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online communities

December 29, 2007 at 6:00 pm (social networking) (, )

I am not new to the idea of online communities or social networking. When we moved to CA , it was just as Buffy the Vampire Slayer started showing on the WB. Though I have never been the most gregarious person in the universe, I needed to talk to someone other than my DH. I stumbled across a very intelligent, eclectic group of people that were really interested in discussing BTVS in every way possible. The show has been over for years, but most of us are still all together on line. I really do have friends all over the world. Many of us have moved to different cities and found the move easier, because there was at least one person they knew. Today the Bay Area group got together for brunch, because one of our NYC friends came out to visit.

I laugh when people say online friendships aren’t real. I know these people, they know me. I am online because I like them . I’ve seen how far these ‘not real’ friendships can go. Visits to and from other countries, places to stay, and a helping hand in bad times. Yes, some people lie on line;and yes, some lies are easier online. However, a lair will lie, whatever the circumstance.

The best thing about my online friendships is the wide variety of people I now know. As an adult, I just don’t tend to bump into people outside my small world. Chatting online opened up my world. And my online experience has made it easier to talk to new people I meet . For a person with shy tendencies, that help alone has made every minute of online time worth it.

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habit #1

December 28, 2007 at 8:51 pm (domestic life, resolution, Uncategorized)

I am not crazy about the idea of New Year’s resolutions. Something about starting All New Stuff after the Holidays is almost dooming everything . So I don’t do resolutions. However, I will occasionally set out to change a behavior, or set up a goal. And after Christmas, as things calm down and return to normal, it isn’t unusual for me to try and make a change in my life.

Here is the first habit I would like to add to my life.

Put my clothes away.

I’ve never been good at that. Ask my mom. But now I share a 10′ by 10′ room with my husband, and the piles of clothes are getting to me. I am never going to want to put away all my clothes after doing the laundry. Only vacuuming and calling people I don’t know are worse chores. So I’ve decicded that I will put a few pieces away every day. Maybe I’ll even catch up occasionally. Moving forward has got to be better than pretending there are no mountains of clothes in our room.And I am not waiting to start on the first. I am heading to my bedroom now

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Library technonlgy

December 27, 2007 at 2:35 pm (library tech)

I do not mourn the passing of the old card catalog. I hated filing ( still do ) and it was always out of date. I like the computer catalogs, they have pictures and it is an easy click to see an entire run of an author’s work. The computer catalog has its disadvantages; spelling counts, for example. And when we loose the Internet/card catalog computers, the business in the library grinds to a halt.

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onion soup

December 22, 2007 at 6:37 pm (domestic life) ()

Onion soup is what we had for dinner last night. There are leftovers for Sunday night. I remember when I first had it. It was fancy food. Special. Stuff you only got at really good restaurants. That’s rather funny when you think about it. Onion soup is just a way to use up stale bread, scraps of cheese and a tasty way to stretch left over broth. really, peasant food.

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domestic life

December 22, 2007 at 12:40 pm (domestic life) (, )

I was reading a friends blog this morning ( and it got me to thinking about keeping house. Actually, it is something I think about a lot. I like my house to be clean. I like living in an organized space, but organization ( despite my profession ) is not natural to me. I’ve read all kinds of books on organization and keeping house. I’ve learned a lot , but I swear they all take one step into crazy. I read one book that tried to tell me tat being overweight was related to being disorganized. Elsewhere, I was told to wear shoes as part of being dressed for the day. I hate shoes. And someone else wanted me to clean my drains weekly.

Today’s hint: break down the big or overwhelming jobs into the smallest possible components.

I don’t always do that – sometimes the list says clean bathroom, but when I don’t want to do it, I list each part. It takes the same amount of time – but it is easier to deal with in small parts. What is really strange, is that I can trick myself. How does that work?

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