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I can’t spell.  Not at all.  No one knows the real reason why, but I suspect it is because I jumped from  non-reading to reading instantly.  I am dependent on spell check.  So why doesn’t the spell check for blog software know the word ‘blog’?

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learning 2.0

December 13, 2007 at 1:39 pm (learning 2.0) ()

The reason for me starting a blog is Learning 2.0.  This is a program that is suppose to help people who work in libraries learn about a lot of the new tech that is out there.  In the intro to the program is a list of 7 1/2  habits of lifelong  learners.  Now, I find that 90% of the people  that work in libraries are lifelong learners. Everyone  has a blind spot or two, but if you are in this business- new stuff ( even if it is a new book on history ) is where you live.  There is a reason that so many people  stay in libraries after ‘normal’ retirement age; library  work stimulates the brain.

In this  list of habits that life long learners  are supposed to practice, there is one I have to question. 

 begin with an end in mind 

That really isn’t how I learn.  I can see under some circumstances where it could be useful.  For example,  when learning a language, it is  useful to ask the question ‘ how fluent do I need to be?, but I think with technology – even thinking about an end is self defeating.  Technology changes too fast to say “I’m done” .  Ten years ago I was ahead of almost everyone I knew – except for  computer professionals.  Now, I am far behind the curve. I don’t ever anticipate an end to my learning about what is going on in the tech world.  I’d rather leave the direction  I go to impulse,  interest, and need.  

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