learning 2.0

December 13, 2007 at 1:39 pm (learning 2.0) ()

The reason for me starting a blog is Learning 2.0.  This is a program that is suppose to help people who work in libraries learn about a lot of the new tech that is out there.  In the intro to the program is a list of 7 1/2  habits of lifelong  learners.  Now, I find that 90% of the people  that work in libraries are lifelong learners. Everyone  has a blind spot or two, but if you are in this business- new stuff ( even if it is a new book on history ) is where you live.  There is a reason that so many people  stay in libraries after ‘normal’ retirement age; library  work stimulates the brain.

In this  list of habits that life long learners  are supposed to practice, there is one I have to question. 

 begin with an end in mind 

That really isn’t how I learn.  I can see under some circumstances where it could be useful.  For example,  when learning a language, it is  useful to ask the question ‘ how fluent do I need to be?, but I think with technology – even thinking about an end is self defeating.  Technology changes too fast to say “I’m done” .  Ten years ago I was ahead of almost everyone I knew – except for  computer professionals.  Now, I am far behind the curve. I don’t ever anticipate an end to my learning about what is going on in the tech world.  I’d rather leave the direction  I go to impulse,  interest, and need.  


  1. libktty said,

    I like the blog and hope you enjoy writing it and the rest of your Learning 2.0 stuff. About beginning with an end in mind, maybe they mean something more like you should have a goal and feel successful when you reach it, not that you should stop at that point? That makes more sense to me, anyway. Apologies for the blech grammar here. Blergh.

  2. egb63 said,

    never worry about grammar or spelling with me. Nice to see your font here, libkitty. I am sure you are right about what they mean – but I find goals can be limiting when I have no idea of I will ever use anything. Open exploration works better for me – I remember where to go when I need something. We wee suppose to write about the part of the plan that was going to be hardest for us – I guess goal setting is hard for me – unless I know I need something.

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