holiday diabetes rant

December 16, 2007 at 2:57 pm (diabetes) (, )

Once again,  I made the mistake of reading a newspaper  article about diabetes and the holidays.  I have  diabetes -under generally good  control – and being me , I am always  looking for  more information.  Unfortunately, this article was typical of so many articles. The person they interview was  Mr. Anal McScardyPants.  He talked about calculating every meal and  having to miss so  many food and how thanksgiving and other holidays were so hard…

Be real.  Diabetes isn’t fun, and yes it can kill you. But overeating at one  meal, is not going to cause you to keel over and die.  I  am not staying  stuff yourself.  But if you eat well normally, one day with potatoes and pumpkin pie and stuffing – isn’t going to kill you.

I hate articles  like this because it makes diabetes sound harder than it is.  It is  hard, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome. If you have learn the basic of nutrition and know how  your body reacts to food, holidays don’t have to be harder.   Here is a list of things I have learned.

  • Know Yourself.  If you are an all or nothing person, you need to know that.  But , you might be more like me.  I do better at limiting  how often or how much I eat things like chocolate cake, than I do at saying ‘I can’t eat chocolate cake’.
  • Be Prepared.  Know that you are getting into a situation where you might not be able to control  you food.  Also , be aware that indulging in a big meal one day  might mean that you have to more careful than usual the next day.
  • Exercise.  It helps control  you blood sugar.
  • Don’t go hungry.  When you get too hungry, you eat too much when you finally do  get to eat.

Most of the articles I find in the popular press about diabetes make it sound incredibly scary and horribly difficult.  It is serious, but I think  you can convey that without being scary.


  1. daniebob said,

    I think that’s why I stopped reading the articles on diabetes; they all seem inflammatory rather than informative. Some of the articles are downright wrong and are contrary to everything the nutritionist at the hospital has said. Maybe that explains my current gravitation towards entertainment news…

  2. egb63 said,

    It is more fun to read about Brittney’s sister being pregnant

  3. danieBOB said,

    And the comments below the news articles. Some of them are hilarious!

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