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December 29, 2007 at 6:00 pm (social networking) (, )

I am not new to the idea of online communities or social networking. When we moved to CA , it was just as Buffy the Vampire Slayer started showing on the WB. Though I have never been the most gregarious person in the universe, I needed to talk to someone other than my DH. I stumbled across a very intelligent, eclectic group of people that were really interested in discussing BTVS in every way possible. The show has been over for years, but most of us are still all together on line. I really do have friends all over the world. Many of us have moved to different cities and found the move easier, because there was at least one person they knew. Today the Bay Area group got together for brunch, because one of our NYC friends came out to visit.

I laugh when people say online friendships aren’t real. I know these people, they know me. I am online because I like them . I’ve seen how far these ‘not real’ friendships can go. Visits to and from other countries, places to stay, and a helping hand in bad times. Yes, some people lie on line;and yes, some lies are easier online. However, a lair will lie, whatever the circumstance.

The best thing about my online friendships is the wide variety of people I now know. As an adult, I just don’t tend to bump into people outside my small world. Chatting online opened up my world. And my online experience has made it easier to talk to new people I meet . For a person with shy tendencies, that help alone has made every minute of online time worth it.

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