Plans for the new year

January 1, 2008 at 4:10 pm (domestic life, resolution)

Like I said before, I’m not really into the word resolution, but I have a few plans that are house related for the new year. After the plans  I will list hopes for the house for the new year.

1. We will be putting in a new floor in our kitchen/dinning room floor. As much as I love winning the worst kitchen in the world contest, ( old carpet on the kitchen floor wins every time), It is time to improve. We have a stack of boards that we made from a black acacia tree sitting in our dinning room. We will also be stripping the carpet out o f the hall way. I know the floor will happen. But the plan for me is learn to use some of the power tools, like the table saw and/or the band saw.

2 Organize the office and spare room/music room. I started these projects last year, but never finished them A number of things would be easier to do and even make decisions about if I could increase the flexibility of our house. Like painting our bedroom would be easier if I had a place to move the furniture and sleep while that was going on

H opes for the house next year: Paint the bedroom; paint the lv/dinning rm so they match; strip the wallpaper off the hall and paint the hall.; paint all the kitchen cabinets white, so it looks brighter/cleaner. Not really sure if all that can happen but I like having a what happens next list


  1. Mat said,

    I would like to ensure that you know how to use the tools as well, if only for safety purposes. They’re mostly set up for someone of small stature, so it won’t be unreachable. Whenever you’re ready…..

    And I like your list. Let’s do one or more of them….and let’s add “learn to do drywall right” to the list, since it will save us money. I’ll put up with learning it if you will – deal?

  2. egb63 said,

    I’m not sure where learn to do drywall comes in – it doesn’t fit into any of our current projects.

    Plans are things that will be done this year.

    Hopes are things that would be nice to get done, but might not

    I think drywall has to become a wish.

  3. Mat said,

    Well, in order to paint the LR/kitchen, we need to do some leveling of drywall, at least….sigh.

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