Time to give Blood

January 4, 2008 at 1:02 pm (red cross)

It is evil out there. Rain blowing every which way , streets flooding, and lots of street lights out. It is a day off for me and I would have been thrilled to stay home, watch movies, play on the laptop, and read. However, I made an appointment to give blood. So out I went. Happily, it was worth it. I was able to give this time- my hemoglobin has been too low the last two times I went.

There are a thousand and one reasons not to give blood, but if you can – why not give today.


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  1. Mat said,

    I’m soaked. Decided to go to lunch in spite of the rain. Dave & I left the building and were drenched well before getting to the car – and then the wind blew the car doors open, broke his umbrella, and blew off my hat. While getting my hat, I stepped into a deep puddle.

    I imagine I’ll be something approximating dry by the time I leave, but not too long before. I want a hot tub, stat. A hot tub in a walled and heated area would be better still.

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