BART read #2

January 12, 2008 at 11:36 am (book review) (, )

Last night I read anges and the hitman by jennifer crusie and bob mayer. I know, I know Don’t Look Down by the two of them was pretty horrible. Captain Cardboard hero and highly improbable plot that wasn’t as much fun as a usual Crusie novel. Hitman, however, was a lot of fun. Yes, the plot is highly improbable, but that just adds to the fun. Agnes is a cranky food writer with anger issues. She has moved back to a tiny town in SC where she is writing a second cookbook and opening a catering business. She has enough troubles throwing a wedding for the granddaughter of the local Don, when it seems that someone wants her dead. Into her life walks Shane, the hitman, who is there to protect her.

Crusie and Mayer have found their team witting voice. The novel is a mixture of pink fluffy frosting and the most evil parts of human nature. ( I know, mixed metaphor, but that’s the book) I think if I had been reading this on BART, I might have missed my stop. Plus, they get bonus points for the proper use of “Bless her heart”.

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silent drill team

January 12, 2008 at 10:38 am (fun)

Why is it so much fun to watch a drill team?

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