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January 14, 2008 at 1:20 pm (learning 2.0) (, , , , )

I don’t know. I’m still not sure. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’ve subscribed to on bloglines and I keep adding to it.

Pluses – I am reading a bit wider when it come to the news. Somehow having the news stories in a list means I actually read more of them. I also have a couple of blogs marked that I just like, but I have no idea who these people really are – so when they have new posts, it is a nice surprise. The biggest plus is that it does save time, I ‘m not clicking over to places with no new posts.

Minuses – Honestly, I’m not sure I always want to save time. The web is not just words, there are pictures, videos and even the layout of a blog. I miss them. There is a personality to the various pages I visit on the web. Sometimes the feed on blog lines feels cold. When I click on something to read, I feel like a filter or veil is gone.

Current conclusion: Subscriptions are useful, but more of time saving tool than a real enhancement

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  1. Susan1000 said,

    The option to click on the link and see the blog if I choose, gives me the sense that I can save time and enjoy the blogs I want to (in full). You are correct that the photos and even the setting of the blog enhances the experience. Always trying to balance, eh?

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