lunar eclipse – youtube

February 29, 2008 at 5:33 pm (learning 2.0, library, web 2.0)

I love YouTube. I like to post stuff just for fun. We use it our library, here is a link that shows you how we use it. And Just for fun, a short clip of the Lunar eclipse.

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more new stuff for web 2.0

February 29, 2008 at 5:04 pm (fun, learning 2.0, web 2.0) (, , )

Off to the web 2.0 award page. I decided to play with the stuff labeled fun.The first one I tried to use was cocktail builder. Fun, but there isn’t much that is truely exotic. For example, I have Fernet in my liquor cupboard. It is Italian and it is a big herby mix, so I can’t imagine what you would do with it other than sip it, but it wasn’t even there. So, on to one sentence stories, the popular page. This page has stories told in one sentence. This one hurt.Others are silly, and some might make you angry. Amazing how much emotion and information can be given in one sentence. Last, I tried Fuzzmail. Basically, it lets you see how someone types – or changes their mind when writing. Not sure I get it, but then I like writing, emailing, etc, because I can think about what I am trying to express. Here are some examples to look at.

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zoho writer

February 29, 2008 at 3:56 pm (learning 2.0, library, web 2.0) (, , )

I’m so happy this exists. I guess it is time to confess, I don’t have Word on my laptop at home. It is an inherited beast, with a battery life of three minutes and a tendency to freeze when it gets too hot. So we haven’t put a lot of effort into making it the perfect computer. So when I need to create a document – I’ve been using Google docs. I had never heard of Zoho. I love it. I think there are two reasons – 1) documentation right up front. It does a lot of the same things Google docs has, but I didn’t have to search for anything. 2) I like that the buttons have some color – it is just easier to see things. I may have found my new document writer.

I had to do some investigating of Zoho, because I had never heard of them. I wanted to know who they were, and get some idea why they were giving away a document writer. So I took a look around at their company web site.  they are a local company  with lots of ways to make  money – all the office products look like an intro to using them as you virtual office .  very interesting

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More on wiki

February 27, 2008 at 3:09 pm (fun, learning 2.0, library, web 2.0) (, )

As part of Learning 2.0 we were asked to add info to a wiki known as pbwiki.  It is kind of a fun place to go – lists and paragraphs of various people’s favorite things in big general categories – favorite books, favorite blogs and favorite tv shows.  I  added my blog , but I also  couldn’t resist adding my favorite  tv shows.   Kind of a chaotic place, but it reminds you that wikis  are still part of the wild  side of  the web.

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Harold Lloyd

February 26, 2008 at 9:09 pm (fun, movies, niles) (, )

I was talking about the Silent films we can see here in Nile s, and this sent me off to youtube. I was looking around at clips of various film stars from the time. I really find Harold Lloyd funny and came across this unusual piece. It puts a bunch of his clips together with some modern music and it works surprisingly well.

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Five things I love about Niles

February 24, 2008 at 4:01 pm (niles) ()

As I’ve said before ,I live in the Niles district of my town. For California, it feels unique because we live in an area that still has lots of its historic past visible. Here are my top 5 favorite things:

5. The Silent Film Museum
I love history, so it is nice to be in a place where people are excited about it. There are films shown every Saturday night with live musical accompaniment. I don’t go often, but it is a lot of fun.

4. The Alameda Creek Trail
We can get to the trail in a couple of different ways from our neighborhood. All along the trail you can see lots of waterbirds and watch the fish in the canal. One side of the trail is unpaved, the other side is paved. It goes all the way out to the SF bay. So you can go on a short walk or a long bike ride with a picnic.

3. The Essanay Cafe
Good food, good wine,walking distance from my house. The chef, Annie Woods, is incredible. She uses as much organic locally grown and raised meats and produce. Her crab bisque, sublime. And she turned me into a duck lover. I love that I can go and have her incredible soup and salad with a glass of wine or go all out and have an amazing meal. We’ve also gone down for a glass of port and dessert. Yum .

2 The Nile Cafe

No web site here. This is one of those true, local places. The decor is a funky mix of Egyptian murals, some train stuff, and boat stuff. The food is good and slightly unusual. ( pear and fontina omelet , oh my. and the soups -mmm).The service isn’t fast, but it is a good place to sit for awhile and catch up with the neighbors.

1. My Neighbors

I mean my neighbors, not my friends. I have a lot of friends, but I also have a lot of good neighbors. I feel like there are a whole bunch of people I could ask for help and I would get it. There is a very sick girl in our neighborhood ( her mom has a blog) and lots of people in the neighborhood have been helping with money, babysitting, food and blood donations. I live in one of those tv neighborhoods where everyone knows each other. Our joke – how long does it take to walk the mile downtown and then back home – at least three hours.

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