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The city is fixing the sidewalks, curbs and possible some of the drainage issues on my street. I live on a cul-de-sac, so during the day I’ve been parking on the cross street and waiting. Today is the day – I no longer can get in and out of my driveway. It looks like some of the driveways that were worked on earlier this week are now open , so there might be enough parking – except there are a lot of holes in the street


  1. Kari said,


  2. egb63 said,

    yup. I keep having to remind myself that I am not trapped. Who knew that not knowing where I was going to park my car every day would drive me crazy.

  3. libkitty said,

    Impressive. I hope they get it finished quickly!

  4. Peter said,

    If you were retired you could watch and enjoy the whole thing.

  5. JennyB said,

    If a week of not knowing where to park is driving you nuts, its a good thing you don’t live in the city!!!

  6. egb63 said,

    Oh , you know I wouldn’t drive in the city!

    I think all the retired people left for the week. Except for the people that came home at 5 today….

    and I found out they won’t be working this weekend…no inspectors working on the weekend.

  7. danieBOB said,

    I felt the same way when they were laying cement in front of my mom’s house. Of course, they waited until I showed up to pour the cement for the path to her door and then said “don’t walk on the cement when you leave”. How was I supposed to leave? I thought I’d be trapped forever.

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