Super Tuesday

February 4, 2008 at 9:04 pm (Super Tuesday) (, )

That’s tomorrow.

I believe in voting, I get the information I need to be informed.  I do not watch TV ads.  ( yay TIVO) I don’t read rants.  I try to stay in the realm of the rational.  But there have been at least ten phone calls today – and more yesterday.  Even if I ‘ignore the phone’, the calls disturb my peace of mind.  If I received only one phone call, reminding me to vote, that  would be more than I needed.  Even if I was undecided no one phone call would have one critical piece of information needed to make me cahnge  my mind.  I am not a single issue voter.

I really hate the fact that I am looking forward to the end of stupid phone calls more than voting.

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