February 12, 2008 at 4:17 pm (learning 2.0, library, library tech, web 2.0) (, )

The most Dangerous Place on the Internet – wikipedia. Actually that is only one wiki. Wikis are just places where information is shared and everyone can be an author. In general , this sounds dangerous to the librarian mind ( wait …anyone can say what they want… but then who is the authority…). In practice – they tend to be self correcting. Controversial subject don’t get settled, but you can often see the arguments involved. And there are ways to set up controls if some topics bring out all the crazies.

For libraries, the possibilities are endless. There is often all sorts of ephemeral information that can’t have a home in the library – or isn’t easily stored for finding in the library – wiki it. Get a huge bunch of book reviews, ever changing book lists, or lot of community information. Keep you blogs for the topical stuff and use your wiki for the more encyclopedia information.

In honor of  today’s exploration of wikis – here’s a link to the wikipedia entry for my part of town,Niles.

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