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February 29, 2008 at 3:56 pm (learning 2.0, library, web 2.0) (, , )

I’m so happy this exists. I guess it is time to confess, I don’t have Word on my laptop at home. It is an inherited beast, with a battery life of three minutes and a tendency to freeze when it gets too hot. So we haven’t put a lot of effort into making it the perfect computer. So when I need to create a document – I’ve been using Google docs. I had never heard of Zoho. I love it. I think there are two reasons – 1) documentation right up front. It does a lot of the same things Google docs has, but I didn’t have to search for anything. 2) I like that the buttons have some color – it is just easier to see things. I may have found my new document writer.

I had to do some investigating of Zoho, because I had never heard of them. I wanted to know who they were, and get some idea why they were giving away a document writer. So I took a look around at their company web site.  they are a local company  with lots of ways to make  money – all the office products look like an intro to using them as you virtual office .  very interesting

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