Will write for Wine

March 1, 2008 at 12:50 pm (fun, learning 2.0, library, web 2.0, wine) ()

I know about podcasts and I’ve occasionally listened to things I’ve missed on NPR. But since I don’t have an ipod, I haven’t done a lot of exploring . I spend too much time staring at my computer on a regular basis to add another reason to become one with the couch. But while exploring I found Will Write for Wine. (web site) It is a podcast by two midlist Romance writers – Samantha Graves and Lani Diane Rich. The drink wine and talk about writing. I’ve only listen to a couple of episodes,and it is way too much fun. The only question is – if I spend all this time listening to them talk, when will I read their books?

Now back to the real question – what are we going t use podcasts for in the library?  I know libraries that  have used it for story  times.  I’d love to see our bookleggers ( volunteers that go into  classrooms and talk books) have podcasts on line.  Maybe  how to use our databases.  This is one of those places where I could see us radically changing our interaction with the public, without really changing what we do, just how we do it.


  1. aclibrary said,

    Remember! No ipod is needed to listen to podcasts!!

  2. egb63 said,

    I know that you don’t need one – but the mobility is an added bonus. If I had an ipod I would download all 42 brodcasts.issues of will write for wine – I have to listen much more slowly now , because I am tied to my computer.

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