book news: first the bad, then the good

March 5, 2008 at 2:37 pm (books, rant) (, , , , )

I have spent a lot of time stewing about this story. Love and Consequences was the story of life in gang. It was supposed to be a memoir. Reviewers loved it. It just wasn’t a memoir. In fact, the author lied so much ,that I’m not sure I believe her now. And did the editor catch her while fact checking? No,the author’s sister turned her in. So the editor(s) didn’t do their job. And the author doesn’t know the definition of fiction. To quote the article “Ms. Seltzer, 33, who is known as Peggy, admitted that the personal story she told in the book was entirely fabricated. She insisted, though, that many of the details in the book were based on the experiences of close friends she had met over the years while working to reduce gang violence in Los Angeles.“That sounds like fiction to me. Bah.

There is good news in the book world. Foreword Magazine , an magazine that honors the independent press, has announced their finalist For Book of the year. In the category of humor, Allyson Beatrice , the author of Will the Vampire People Please leave the Lobby? True Adventures in Cult Fandom , has been nominated. This is a book I highly recommend if you have ever been even vaguely involved in a fandom.  If you loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer , it is even better. It is  a great way to explain to other people why you consider those invisible people in your computer your friends. Allyson is also a funny writer. Plus, these stories are true. I was around for some of them.

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