now, i haz shuffle

March 21, 2008 at 5:26 pm (domestic life, music, tech) ()

You’ve all been waiting for this. Finally I got everything together and hooked up – all it took was a bit of ignoring ( computers don’t always tell you when they are confused – they just misbehave) and finger crossing and button pushing.  I always forget that no one gives complete instructions. Crazy , crazy.  But I have to agree with my co-worker S – having the earbuds in makes doing housework less arduous.


  1. jb said,

    And having the earbuds in for a long flight is priceless.

  2. danieBOB said,

    Daniel says he pictures me with my earbuds in, bopping around and dancing to country as I vacuum. It makes him laugh hysterically.

  3. DM said,

    I like my ear plugs when I take my walk, cleaning house and working in the garden.
    Neil Diamond, Allison kruss, garth broks, and Il Divo. If I use it in the car when DF is driving I’m not allowed to sing out load.

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