April 2, 2008 at 2:33 pm (asthma, books, chronic conditions, domestic life) (, , )

I am tired of not sleeping that well. I fall asleep fairly easily between 10 – 10:30 , but I wake up between 2/2:30 am and stay awake until 5/5:30. And then I fall back to sleep just before the alarm goes off at 6:30. Sometimes it is the hamster brain , worrying about something I can do nothing about in the middle e of the night. Sometimes I actually come up with useful, productive ideas. And then last night, I was just awake with passing idle thoughts.

Possible reasons for bad sleep: diabetes, asthma, stress, some of the various drugs I am on, 45 yr old hormones, general bad sleep habits.

I have Ambien CR – which I use occasionally. However, I have to plan – Do I have at least 8 hours ( 10 is better, so I can deal with the am grogginess). But I don’t want to take it very often. And I noticed something while on vacation. I did not sleep well, but I slept better. I also had a lot more exercise than usual. So my first line of attack is more exercise. I haven’t set a goal yet , but as we have moved into the late light/gardening part of the year , It should be easy to fit it in naturally .

I also decide to start using the resouces at hand – I just put four books about sleep disorders and sleeping better on hold. The library, what a great place to start. I know when I did diabetes research I only found a few books that were useful, but it is a place to start.

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