April 4, 2008 at 2:21 pm (domestic life, garden) (, , , )

I started planting my garden box today. My garden box is a 4′ by 8′ redwood box – 12″ deep – on 36″ legs. I pulled out parsley and put it in a pot. I added some new dirt. The I put in 4 different tomatoes, a cucumber plant, two different peppers, dill, and some radish seeds. What I forgot is that gardening often involves injury. This time one of my tall garden stakes fell out of the garden. I ignored it. Now I have a large deep scratch with some bruising on my right arm.


  1. Jimmy Cracked-Corn said,

    Ouch! How is the cucumber growing? Are you trellising it?

  2. egb63 said,

    The cucumber seems very happy. No trellis for now. Since my garden is in a box about 36 inches off the I am hoping both the cucumber and the squash drape dow over the side.

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