April 12, 2008 at 3:53 pm (domestic life, fun) ()

Well, it is warm again. I know we are supposed to move back to the seasonable temps of mid 60s on Monday; but yesterday, today and tomorrow are mid 80s. So today became finish planting the veggie garden day. We have a pot with parsley and thyme. ( yes there are both sage and rosemary in the yard). In the garden box we have tarragon and oregano from last year and onions that I planted in the fall. There are now 6 different tomato plants, 6 different peppers and 2 different eggplants. We have radishes, dill, and too many basil plants. Also a marigold plant because it is supposed to be a good companion plant with tomatoes and basil. We also planted one cucumber plant and a crookneck squash.

Our vegetable garden box is in the area where I pulled all the weeds last week. I am trying to make a low-water, bee/butterfly garden over there. Today we added two new lavender plants ( total 4 , and all 4 are different varieties).

Planting and harvesting are the best parts of gardening , but today was extra fun. DH really isn’t into gardening, but he volunteered to help today;so we got to talk and plant.

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