2 books on sleep disorders

April 16, 2008 at 3:44 pm (domestic life) (, )

So far I finished two books on sleep disorders/ sleeping better. Sleep Disorders for Dummies and How to get a Good Night’s Sleep. I think they are both useful, but generic. They identify various kinds of sleep disorders, and have lots of different ideas on how to improve sleep. I like reading a couple of books that have general information when confronting a new problem. Now I have good idea of the general ideas that are going around in the world of sleep disorders.

What I learned:

There are a whole bunch of things in my life that can upset my sleep pattern. A partial list – asthama , allergies, diabetes, 3 of the drugs I take, being female and of a certain age…plus general stress.

So far I have tried two things, with much better success than promised. One – exercise of the light and only a half an hour kind makes a big difference. Two – not going to sleep before 11. It looks like going to sleep too early might have been why I woke up at 2:00 am . Neither of these ideas were supposed to work instantly, but by doing both of those – I noticed an instant improvement.

Areas of disagreement: One book says no naps, the other says it depends on how badly you need sleep and suggest that as long as you don’t take endless naps you might be able to use naps to catch up on sleep deficit. on the subject of reading in bed – one book says no no no – the other says as long as reading doesn’t keep you awake, it is ok. Obviously, you have to see what works for you.

More books to read, and hopefully new useful things to discover.

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  1. Sam said,

    When I was suffering from insomnia I found this review and recommendation extremely useful. Its alternate and totally natural. Take a look…


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