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This is most likely my one and only baseball post I’ll ever make. I certainly didn’t plan on posting about baseball today, I was going to post about my floors. Later for them, I guess.

As you may have guessed,baseball is not my favorite. In fact, I’d have to say it took love to make me watch baseball. Our neighbor L is on a little league team, and soon he is going to moving to another country to live with Dad. I know how much L loves baseball,so when we were invited to his game , we went. Despite the fact that this was a 3.5 hour game , where the temperature plummeted to arctic depths ( ok, NoCal wimp); it was fun. L did very well; hitting,pitching and fielding. Actually, I was impressed with all of his 4th through 6th grade teammates. Strong accurate arms. Good Eyes. No fear of some very wild pitches. Errors- well yeah there were tons, even to my untrained eye. But they seem to have learned how to take advantage of them. Also the kids payed attention. Different from my sister’s softball games where the outfielders were always picking flowers.

Way more fun than I thought. We’ll miss you , L.

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Bento Boxes

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I keep running into a bunch of posts/pages and blogs that are talking about Bento box lunches. From this wiki page on Bentos it looks like there are different styles and an almost philosophical view on how to put them together. That isn’t why I go t interested. I have enjoyed Bento boxes at various Japanese restaurants. The lunches tend to be well balanced and full of all kinds of different flavors. When I eat lunch at home, that is how I eat – a little of this, a taste of that, and a few more bites of this. For someone with diabetes, this isn’t a bad way to eat. If you are paying attention, it is a good way to eat a balanced diet.

When I pack my lunches for work I tend to pack bits and pieces to eat. But the amount of plastic wrap and other wrapping I was using was bugging my green-aware brain. And I do have all kinds of plastic wear, but it tends to be flimsy, and always missing lids. So on Saturday DH and I ended up at Daiso. If you haven’t been to one , it is the Japanese version of a dollar store. Most things are 1.50 and all the products are things that might be found in a Japanese household. I went looking for a Bento box. In the end, I decided that I wanted to stick with my insulated lunch box. I bought a bunch of new plastic containers of various sizes, ( including one that is sandwiched sized), to create my own Bento box. They are much heavier than the ones I have from the grocery store, and the lids are strong too. Besides, who can resist things that say ” The usage depends on you. We present you with happy life.”, on the package?

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Henri, the existential cat

May 27, 2008 at 8:41 pm (cats, fun) ()

one cat, all cats

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Things that did not happen this weekend

May 26, 2008 at 10:22 pm (domestic life, fun) ()

Things that did not happen this weekend

1) All the furniture was not moved from the kitchen/dinning room area

2) Despite the fact that the new sander was bought on Friday, we did not start getting the boards for the new floor to their final dimensions.

Why? After a week of 90 to 100+ degree temperatures, it dropped to the low 60’s with a chance of rain. Not much point on working on the now dry wood , if it was going to sit in the rain.

So what did happen?

Lots of relaxing.

DH spent a lot of time in the wood shop doing guitar and other fun projects. We had some good conversations. We visited a friend in the hospital. We almost caught up on Torchwood. I read part of a friend’s rough draft of her book. We saw Ironman. I read two books: Dead Heat by Dick and Felix Francis and Tricky Business by Dave Barry. and I started a ‘leash’ for my phone.

Not a bad weekend, just not the planned weekend.

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Weekend king, part II

May 24, 2008 at 9:12 pm (fun, movies, niles, weekend king) ()

Well , the film has been finished – and it has shown in San Fransisco the last two Saturday. The website is here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the final version, but it looks like it is being fairly judged. No one seems worried that it is low budget, or is criticizing it for being shallow. I’m interested in what my friends that did see the film think.

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Eat, Pray, Love

May 24, 2008 at 1:37 pm (book review, library) (, )

A bunch of my friends have read this book — and just went on and on about it. When I checked it out in the library catalog – there were 130 people waiting for it. I’m not crazy about memoirs, and even more leery of them when the word pray is involved. But people were talking about it, and I always feel like I should give the popular thing a try, to be a better librarian . ( That is why I read A Walk to Remember) So last week my name finally came up on the list, so I read the book.

If you haven’t heard of this book. it is the story of Elizabeth Gilbert. After a number of years of marriage, she realizes that she doesn’t want to ever be a mother and that a lot of the expectations she had for her life were not her expectations. After her divorce, she spends the next year rediscovering her self while exploring pleasure, prayer, and finding balance.

I spent one hot day last weekend reading Eat, Pray, Love. It is a fun book. Not deep, but a few insightful moments and a sharp sense of humor. Her description of her ‘friends’ depression and loneliness are amusing and vivid. My favorite section of the book,oddly enough, was Pray. Her struggles with meditation were interesting and well described. I believe that this is why her book is so popular. Her descriptions and insights are easily visualized.

A good fast read ,with a few laughs and just enough ‘oh’ moments to keep it interesting.

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