Maker Faire

May 4, 2008 at 9:10 pm (domestic life, fun, tech) (, )

We had a great day today. On a lark, we went to Maker Faire. We really had no idea how big or how cool it was going to be. Until we ran into a traffic jam getting off the highway, at the exit we originally planed to take. Yup, everybody was going there.

Maker Faire is put on by Make Magazine and its companion magazine Craft Magazine . The magazines and the fair are all about DIY as in – I need X and here is a bunch of junk, Can I make it? Here are pictures and videos from this year’s faire. ( Sister J pleas note the Second photo under the live photo section- That’s a giant robotic giraffe. When you scratched his nose he said “I like that”.)

Fun stuff: The diet coke and mentos guys were there. And a guy that makes wood Bikes. Lots of steampunk stuff. A human sized game of Mousetrap. Things to learn- paper airplane flying, knitting, beading. There was a barn call ‘the hanger’ with all kinds of airplane stuff. ‘The workshop’ was full of all kinds of tools. Plus:Traditional guitar making. Strange new ways to make music. Kinetic sculptures. Yurts. Puppets. Things that I have no idea why anyone made them. Electric cars. Watershed reclamation. Robots: tiny to giant.

I’m not sure which hurts more , my brain or my feet.

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