two memorials

May 17, 2008 at 6:05 pm (domestic life) (, , )

I went to two memorials this weekend, both were for loved of ones of friends. I have always believed that memorial services were for the living, a place for them to start to adjust to living with out a loved one. A place to shift the memories from the last days , back to the whole life. The memorial I went to on Friday was exactly that.

The memorial I went to today was very different. It had been arranged by a man who knew he was dying. This memorial service was his goodbye, his chance to say goodbye to every facet of his life. The various careers he had had, the important moments in his life, ;his family, his friends, and even the different beliefs he had held throughout his life. Even the music selections were eclectic. Green Onions as a recessional , not a bad way to say goodbye.

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  1. Matt H said,

    Green Onions is a great recessional.

    …although I’d probably choose the Howard Goodall reading of Francois Couperin’s “Mysterious Barricades” on harpsichord. While i like Elliott Gibbon’s read on it on archguitar, Howard Goodall’s reading is unbearably beautiful and alive.

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