Things that did not happen this weekend

May 26, 2008 at 10:22 pm (domestic life, fun) ()

Things that did not happen this weekend

1) All the furniture was not moved from the kitchen/dinning room area

2) Despite the fact that the new sander was bought on Friday, we did not start getting the boards for the new floor to their final dimensions.

Why? After a week of 90 to 100+ degree temperatures, it dropped to the low 60’s with a chance of rain. Not much point on working on the now dry wood , if it was going to sit in the rain.

So what did happen?

Lots of relaxing.

DH spent a lot of time in the wood shop doing guitar and other fun projects. We had some good conversations. We visited a friend in the hospital. We almost caught up on Torchwood. I read part of a friend’s rough draft of her book. We saw Ironman. I read two books: Dead Heat by Dick and Felix Francis and Tricky Business by Dave Barry. and I started a ‘leash’ for my phone.

Not a bad weekend, just not the planned weekend.

1 Comment

  1. Matt H said,

    Yep. A good weekend, all things considered. Best time with you in a while.

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