Bento Boxes

May 28, 2008 at 1:32 pm (diabetes, domestic life, food, Uncategorized) (, , )

I keep running into a bunch of posts/pages and blogs that are talking about Bento box lunches. From this wiki page on Bentos it looks like there are different styles and an almost philosophical view on how to put them together. That isn’t why I go t interested. I have enjoyed Bento boxes at various Japanese restaurants. The lunches tend to be well balanced and full of all kinds of different flavors. When I eat lunch at home, that is how I eat – a little of this, a taste of that, and a few more bites of this. For someone with diabetes, this isn’t a bad way to eat. If you are paying attention, it is a good way to eat a balanced diet.

When I pack my lunches for work I tend to pack bits and pieces to eat. But the amount of plastic wrap and other wrapping I was using was bugging my green-aware brain. And I do have all kinds of plastic wear, but it tends to be flimsy, and always missing lids. So on Saturday DH and I ended up at Daiso. If you haven’t been to one , it is the Japanese version of a dollar store. Most things are 1.50 and all the products are things that might be found in a Japanese household. I went looking for a Bento box. In the end, I decided that I wanted to stick with my insulated lunch box. I bought a bunch of new plastic containers of various sizes, ( including one that is sandwiched sized), to create my own Bento box. They are much heavier than the ones I have from the grocery store, and the lids are strong too. Besides, who can resist things that say ” The usage depends on you. We present you with happy life.”, on the package?


  1. Matt H said,

    I missed that particularly clever packaging. Imagine! It’s ALL UP TO YOU!

  2. daniebob said,

    Daniel looked at me like I was nuts when I started packing his sandwich in tupperware, but he didn’t argue. I don’t pack his lunch any more, so there aren’t any more crazy looks.

    Either way, bento boxes are cool. Lots of little things to eat, but enough to fill you up!

  3. egb63 said,

    Less garbage is good. It did crack me up that my first official Bento box – was all middle eastern food.

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