May 31, 2008 at 10:53 pm (domestic life, fun) (, , )

This is most likely my one and only baseball post I’ll ever make. I certainly didn’t plan on posting about baseball today, I was going to post about my floors. Later for them, I guess.

As you may have guessed,baseball is not my favorite. In fact, I’d have to say it took love to make me watch baseball. Our neighbor L is on a little league team, and soon he is going to moving to another country to live with Dad. I know how much L loves baseball,so when we were invited to his game , we went. Despite the fact that this was a 3.5 hour game , where the temperature plummeted to arctic depths ( ok, NoCal wimp); it was fun. L did very well; hitting,pitching and fielding. Actually, I was impressed with all of his 4th through 6th grade teammates. Strong accurate arms. Good Eyes. No fear of some very wild pitches. Errors- well yeah there were tons, even to my untrained eye. But they seem to have learned how to take advantage of them. Also the kids payed attention. Different from my sister’s softball games where the outfielders were always picking flowers.

Way more fun than I thought. We’ll miss you , L.

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