Dr. Horrible II

July 15, 2008 at 7:32 pm (fun, tv, web 2.0) (, )

No, not talking about the 2nd Act. More about the behind the scenes stuff. And to say that, really this is all the web 2.0 stuff I was reading/learning about that got me started on this blog. In order to promote Dr. Horrible, Joss Wedon used the power of the internet. There is a MYSpace page, a Facebook page, stuff on digg, and twitter was used to to keep people aware of what was going on. This led to a fan page being created ,plus countless number of individual blogs that kept people infomed of the newest developments. So what were the results? People around the world trying to get on the site, the number one slot on the iTunes tv show download , and a crash. From the article:

Whedon’s awareness of the Internet’s prevailing mood also played into his decision to make “Dr. Horrible” completely free—and free of advertising—for the entirety of its first week. But really? You’ve got a show that even with zero paid promotion has generated enough buzz to crash servers during the first hours it was available, and you don’t want use all that heat to mint some Whedon Dollars?

“Some brows have furrowed at the idea of putting it out for free,” Whedon said. “But that was part of our mission statement from the first: to create an Internet event for the fans (and others) to enjoy because we enjoyed it so much.”

Still, even if he takes a small hit in the short term, Whedon said that with merchandising, iTunes sales, and DVDs, he expects that Dr. Horrible “will go into the black within the first year.”

Tv’s changing. VCRs, TIVO, instant DVDs at the end of the television season, and the downloading of television shows off the Internet. It is truely exciting when the professionals get involved.

Fangirl edit: I need this tshirt


  1. jb said,

    Yup. The entertainment industry better catch up!

    BTW, I looked at our VCR yesterday. It the one in the bedroom. I was trying to figure out how long its been since it last had a tape in in – at least 2 or 3 years, probably more like 4 or 5. And to think that less than 10 years ago, I was taping BtVS weekly for DM and Kari.

  2. Kari said,

    And thankfully, you didn’t have to do that with BSG.

  3. egb63 said,

    We have a vcr. mostly we use if for tapes that have instructions on them, some guitar lessons and older concerts that we only own on video.

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