This week in the garden

July 20, 2008 at 6:30 am (domestic life, fun, garden) (, , , , )

So decided to keep track of what I do this week in the garden. This will show up Saturday , and I am guessing that the only person that cares will be me. But After not being able to do much for a few weeks, I feel the need to acknowledge my own accomplishments.

Saturday: One hour on my crazy project. I am pulling out all the wild grass/weeds in the side yard. This way I am hoping my Thyme will takeover. HA. I’m not sure this is logical. But cutting the grass out there is kind of a pain and I don’t want it.

Sunday: Sore from weeding. Moved the grass into the green bin. Picked up all the sawdust in the backyard and threw it in my informal compost heap. Watered. Threw some of the garden water on the compost heap then raked it. Cut down a few embarrassing weeds in the back yard that were taller than me . ( no , plants that everyone would have identified as weeds that were that tall ) One hour.

Tuesday Watered and started cleaning the blackberry corner of the back yard. Only about 20 minutes, but I have lots of stuff to do in the backyard that I can work on for about 20 minutes. The front and side yards need a greater time commitment. Which is good, because it means I am getting somewhere with the front and side yard.

Wednesday Thursday no gardening. But If I had done something Wednesday afternoon, I would have found out that I left the water on Tuesday much earlier. I guess that is the good thing about a raised bed , no drowned plants. Guess the veggies won’t need watering ’til Saturday at the earliest.

Friday watered the non-veggies. Worked on the blackberry corner. This are is all a tangle of blackberries, lanatana, and privet. Why does it itch as well as hurt when you get a thorn in your finger? I had to stop because I started sneezing my brains out. 40 Min

Tied up a few plants in the morning. Saturday spent more time taming the blackberry patch. DH got into it ,using the alligator to go after the evil privet. 1.5 hours


  1. DM said,

    It sounds like your are really enjoying your garden. Did the evil Berry Hook work?

  2. egb63 said,

    I don’t have one yet, but I want one. Actually , I wish I could spend more time in the garden. Too many other things get in the way

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