Floor update

July 22, 2008 at 6:39 pm (domestic life) (, )

Well,we worked on the floor boards this weekend.This is one of those parts of the projects… the not fun time. The time where the work seems like it will go on forever and there are just hitches along the way. We used the jointer to make a straight side on a the boards and then cut everything to just over 3 and 1/4 inches wide. ( hint:recheck the table saw frequently ).I used the Jointer ( yay me ). I found it easy ,if physical ( it needs to be a couple inches lower for me to use it efficiently ).  Happily, by the end of Sunday the project felt more managable.   

Still up for debate:  tounge and grove the boards , or face nail?


  1. Peter said,

    If you face nail will you use square cut nails? Tongue and grove with an electric or air nailer will never move.

  2. Matt H said,

    If we face-nail, we’ll probably do it the same way as the oak floor in the main body of the house, Peter. They were (evidently) face-nailed by hand using relatively small-headed nails.

    The humidity swing here is low enough that movement is relatively minimal, so I think we’ll be safe face-nailing.

    What it comes down to is I really don’t want to mill to tongue & groove unless I have to.

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