July 28, 2008 at 6:17 pm (domestic life, food) ()

This … method came from one of DH’s friends. How much is the confusing part . We used Dr.Pepper for the liquid — and we needed less. I used a pork loin, it worked. We needed more heat. (spice) Needed more lime. We did the crcokpot on low over night for about 12 hours ,then did the oven part. Our first try was damn good.

Toss a hunk o’ pig shoulder in the crockpot, cut up an orange with the peel and throw it in, add garlic, cumin, oregano and cilantro, some clove, cinnamon or allspice if you like, maybe a lime. A chile or two is mandatory — I like pasillas, but it’s up to you. Jesus, don’t forget the black pepper; without it it’s like a rock band without a bass player. Some folks add milk and others a can or two of cola. Yes, cola. I’ve used Dr. Pepper but never tried it with milk. Once the meat’s falling apart, pull it apart real good, then toss it all in a roasting pan with the liquid. Put in a 350°-375° oven and stir every 20-30 minutes until the liquid’s absorbed and the edges of the pork are caramelizing and crisping. I want some right now, goddammit.

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