Welcome, Welcome ,one and all to the Niles Annual flea Market and Antique Sale weekend ( officially Sunday)(otherwise known as the weekend of 1001 tags sales and vendors).It began with the ice cream social on our block — that turned into a grill fest and ended with a scotch tasting. The party was supposed to start at 630— but people showed up at 6 . I live in a good neighborhood. The dealer are out in their vans looking for bargains. Today there will be much selling and haggling. Tonight the kick off party where everyone brings food and drink and gets sent back home at midnight. At midnight the volunteers prepare to let the vendors in and and close down main street. As early as 4 am the bargain hunters show up — and the pancake breakfast happens. More selling happens — everyone goes to bed and the scavengers stat looking for the freebies. Monday morning – brunch at a friends house. Monday night – celebrate my BIL’s birthday.

on Tuesday we work?