We can haz floor!

August 11, 2008 at 2:07 pm (domestic life, home improvement) (, )

So Sunday we actually stated nailing in the floors. ok, DH is nailing (hand nailing, no nail gun) and I am playing the pat of human floor Jack. ( I push the boards tightly together while the nailing is going on ). No talk about work and pain today, it is nice to get an idea of what this 18th month project is going to look like when finished.


  1. Peter said,

    Looks really good.

  2. jb said,

    A HUGE improvement over the evil carpet and that which lies beneath.

  3. Kari said,

    Very pretty. When will it be done?

  4. egb63 said,

    when is not a word we use…. I have a guess when the wood part of the floor will be down, but not the slate. then there is the sanding and some filling ( knotholes) and the finishing …..

  5. Matt H said,

    We’ll have the main square (the dining room) done next weekend, probably. We’ve gotten another six or eight rows down after work this week (beyond what’s in the pictures), and the room’s about halfway done. I think one full day would suffice to get the major stuff dealt with.

    As B noted, after the floor is laid comes sanding & finishing. That’s not horrible but we’ll have to figure out how to put up plastic and make the workspace lower-pressure than the rest of the house so the dust goes out the window rather than into the living room.

    As long as it’s done before it starts raining outside, we’re good….

  6. Kari said,

    Fans, large fans and 6 mil plastic. In many removal operations, they will use 2 layers plastic. You might try a rental place to see if they have big industrial fans.

  7. Doug said,

    Looks good!

    MH mentioned that the furry four-footed feline (what’s a word for ‘master’ beginning with ‘f’ ? wouldn’t walk on it. Has he come to grips with wood floors yet?

  8. egb63 said,

    He started exploring it last night.

  9. Matt H said,

    He’s started walking on it, and he’s puzzled. He’s still looking for the carpet; he would use it as a scratching pad, and the floor just doesn’t work for that at all….

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