September 20, 2008 at 9:45 pm (domestic life, food) (, , )

This am we had breakfast at Cafe Cacao in Berkeley. It is attached to the Scharffen Berger Chocolate factory. You can go for a tour; you can buy chocolate; you can eat really good food. Plus they make the only mochas I drink — really good, not too sweet. They have all kinds of interesting food to eat , including a chocolate sandwich , but I always get the eggs benedict. It comes with a bed of greens– that are great with leftover egg yolk and hollandaise. We were joined by my sister J and we got to witness the phenomenon that is my DH. The last time we were there, my sister wasout of town, so we were there with my BIL. On that occasion , they had a new dessert – a goat cheese tart, slightly sweetened , served with fruit and on a dark chocolate crumb crust.  It was outstanding.  DH spent a lot of time talking with the waitress about it. ( D and I  just ate) . This time , when the waitress saw us,she remembered DH and she told us they had the tart on the menu. ( This time it was with fresh figs). DH had once again made a friend. He has an amazing gift. He never has to be a stranger, and around him,  no one else has to be one either.

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