3 days later…

September 29, 2008 at 6:46 pm (domestic life, food) (, , )

On Friday, I bought a pork tenderloin because I had leeks and fennel at home. On Saturday,I threw the pork in a gallon sized bag with a bit of apple cider vinegar ,sherry,salt,and cracked pepper. I intended to cook it that night for dinner. However, DH and our friend N brought home in-n-out burger at 3. And the Fremont Art Association had their Fine Art Show reception . and when I got home from that there was the party next door…So there was no dinner that night. So I thought I would cook it on Sunday night. But on our way home from the Fog Fest , the Swedish meatballs from Ikea called. No formal dinner last night. Finally tonight I cooked it.

I chopped up two giant leeks, 2 fennel bulbs ( or anise) , 3 fist sized potatoes and a handful of portabella slices. Tossed them in a roasting pan with olive oil ,salt and pepper.I let them cook for about 15 /20 minutes ( at 350) and then I tossed the possibly over-marinated pork on top. I cooked it until the internal temp was about 155. After resting for about 15 minutes I slice it thin.everything is really yummy. The pork did not get oddly textured from over marinating . Yum .

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