return of the book clubs

October 8, 2008 at 9:29 pm (books, library) (, , )

I run two book clubs for 4th grade ans up at my libraries. I love my book clubs. I like talking/hanging with the kids and seeing where there brains will go. Even if nothing really happens — I usually enjoy the time. But ,it means I have to read a particular book by a particular date. And 95% of the time – I chose the book. But I have to whine and moan and complain. It was really bad this time. I had promised them that I would do Harry Potter 7 ( Deathly Hallows) this year. and that is where we are starting out. Whine, whine, whine. ‘It will take too long’ ( right , it is a kid’s book). ‘I have 10 other books to read’ ( when don’t I have 10 other books to read?). ” what if I hate rereading it ?”( honestly all of the HP books were better on the reread for me)
I am happy to report that I finished the book quite easily, enjoyed the reread thoroughly, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion.


  1. DM said,

    would love to have heard the dicussion. I getting geared up to re read it myself.

  2. jb said,

    I reread Deathly Hallows earlier this year. Then I reread Half Blood Prince. Now I’m rereading Order of the Phoenix. Why am I going backwards?

  3. egb63 said,

    It was a fun disscussion . We cover all the books– or parts I should say. 4th and 5th graders — you never know what they will get and what will fly over their head. I forgot to ask them the impt question. Book 7 is going to be two movies — where to divide it?

  4. Anne Beier said,

    This is an awesome blog. I am doing a 2nd & 3rd grade book club. They are reading at a higher level than I anticipated. If you have any recommendations for that age group, please feel free to pass them along. Thanks.

  5. egb63 said,

    Thanks, Anne. If I come up with anything I’ll let you know. I sometimes forget how young my group really is. Part of what we talked about with HP7 was the violence. One of the girls said she skimmed a lot of that — and the Hermione and Ron kiss. When I asked her why she skimmed over the kiss the entire group, in chorus said ‘eww”. Good luck!

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