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October 17, 2008 at 4:18 pm (domestic life, garden) (, , )

or more experimentation. I added two broccoli plants, some french breakfast radishes , a couple of rows ruby red beets, and a few rows of harvest green onions. So far I’ve spent maybe 30.00 on dirt,plants, and seeds. Once the rains start coming it really shouldn’t cost much more. ( I already own fertilizer).

Gardening – esp vegetable gardening- is not necessarily a money saving venture. Have you ever read The $64 Tomato ? One man’s quest for the perfect garden. I guess that is the first lesson — don’t try to have a perfect garden. some pest somewhere will get something. The two biggest pests in my area — snails and gophers. But raising my bed 3 feet off the ground, they aren’t a problem. I thought squirrels might be a problem, but not so far. Of course by raising the bed I do have to invest more money in soil, fertilizer, and possibly water. (hard to tell about water — since it doesn’t rain around here in the summer) Of course composting and mulch could cut down on those numbers. I guess gardening is sort of a longer term investment/project.


  1. DM said,

    The real question is, “Are you enjoying it?”

  2. jb said,

    Mmmmm beets! I hope you wind up with lots of those. Maybe we should add beets to the Thanksgiving menu. Do you think they will be ready by then?

    And broccoli from YOUR garden would be an awesome addition to the Thanksgiving table!

  3. egb63 said,

    Not really sure when anything will be ready — I guess we will have to wait until closer to the date.

  4. egb63 said,

    Now, I suddenly want beets

  5. DM said,

    have you thought about a rain barrel?

  6. egb63 said,

    For water? that would be a good idea. It looks like someone was digging in the garden . I think squirrels or jays hiding acorns. So much for neat rows of radishes beet and onions.

  7. Kari said,

    Mom puts shells and rocks in pots to prevent the squirrels from creating havoc.

  8. egb63 said,

    no shells here. and no rocks. Lots of acorns, but that defeats the purpose.

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