October 26, 2008 at 2:56 pm (domestic life, garden)

This is not really a complaint, just astonishment.  It is not supposed to be so hot in October that gardening in the afternoon  is sweaty  work.  It is supposed to be just warm enough so that if feels good, but not so warm that you  have to give up and go inside.  Honestly, if feels like the high 80’s out there.

In  good garden  news , I have a mini forest of radish plants  that  need thinning.  Plus my  beets  have come  up.  Very  exciting.


  1. Uncle Bob said,

    Well it’s in the mid 40’s and very windy; AND, our garden could use some work, so stop over 😉

  2. egb63 said,

    uhhhh….no thanks — too much work to do here

  3. jb said,

    Go Beets! Yea Beets! Grow Beets Grow!!!!

  4. egb63 said,

    now I’m just wondering where the onions are…

  5. jb said,

    Yes, make sure there are lots of onions as your DH will always want “one more” for the Thanksgiving feast

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