house chaos

November 13, 2008 at 11:03 pm (domestic life, home improvement) ()

Current conditions:
in the backyard :  the old stove and the new stove 

in the dinning room:  the refrigerator ( plugged in ) the dishwasher( currently a holding tank), an empty  cabinet, the baker’s rack , a dolly,  many many tools, cat food, cat food bowls, one cat.
In the library ( okay the narrow part of the living room ): the dinning room table, garbage can , recycle can , dinning room chairs, wine and liquor racks.
Kitchen:  much emptiness, a sink with the water turned off, a floor of cement board.
Tomorrow: we title.   I suspect we will not wait  the 5 or so days to grout like one of our neighborhood friendly tile guys suggested

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