November 17, 2008 at 10:52 pm (cats, cats and diabetes) ()

Tonight, unexpectedly, but not so unexpectedly, we had to let Percy go.

Good for him, horrible for us.

Thanks to my DH , I posted on my boards before we got to the vet. It helped to know someone outside of us knew what was going on and could sympathizes. Never let anyone tell you your internet friends aren’t real.

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The lies on DIY

November 17, 2008 at 12:18 pm (domestic life) (, )

Ok, maybe lies are an exaggeration, but they leave a lot out. Especially the Design to Sell programs that redo bits and pieces in  a house to make it sell better.  I know they have professional crews that do the renovations , but , after tiling the kitchen floor, tiling with natural stone is NOT  a weekend job.
First problem – putting down cement board.  No way as easy as they show it on TV.  Lots of broken bits — even the professional /mason bits broke and wore  out.
Second – if you are not a professional , putting down tile is killer work.  Not difficult, just physical.
Third— the issue of drying time.  Living in CA , with low humidity, we usually can go with the lower drying time.  Except no where could we get a consistent dry time.  For the thin set: 12, 24, 48, 5 days.  I am guessing longer is better, but we really don’t know.  For the grout 24 hours to 28 days before sealing.
fourth- Once you start a part of a tiling project — you have to keep going until that part is done.  I guess you could put down the tile over a couple of days , but consistency is important.
I will say if I saw natural stone floors in a house — I would see the value.
For us , this is the hardest project DH and I have done.  Mostly because we had never done any sort of tiling job before.
Time to go polish off the excess sealer on the slate.

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