The lies on DIY

November 17, 2008 at 12:18 pm (domestic life) (, )

Ok, maybe lies are an exaggeration, but they leave a lot out. Especially the Design to Sell programs that redo bits and pieces in  a house to make it sell better.  I know they have professional crews that do the renovations , but , after tiling the kitchen floor, tiling with natural stone is NOT  a weekend job.
First problem – putting down cement board.  No way as easy as they show it on TV.  Lots of broken bits — even the professional /mason bits broke and wore  out.
Second – if you are not a professional , putting down tile is killer work.  Not difficult, just physical.
Third— the issue of drying time.  Living in CA , with low humidity, we usually can go with the lower drying time.  Except no where could we get a consistent dry time.  For the thin set: 12, 24, 48, 5 days.  I am guessing longer is better, but we really don’t know.  For the grout 24 hours to 28 days before sealing.
fourth- Once you start a part of a tiling project — you have to keep going until that part is done.  I guess you could put down the tile over a couple of days , but consistency is important.
I will say if I saw natural stone floors in a house — I would see the value.
For us , this is the hardest project DH and I have done.  Mostly because we had never done any sort of tiling job before.
Time to go polish off the excess sealer on the slate.

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