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November 30, 2008 at 8:05 pm (domestic life, garden, tech, tv) (, , )

gardenrockerSo I just saw this on Cool Tools and I am now debating, is it worth it?  Would I use it and like it or would it become more plastic junk? The idea behind the garden rocker ( the one on the show did not have a cushion) is that you sit on it and it pivots giving you reach and lean without straining your joints — or in my case , no more sitting on the ground.   Do I do enough weeding or even planting for it? Would I weed more?  Would I really hurt less, or would it just be different pain?  And will it fit in my garden shed?


  1. Peter said,

    There are no easy ways to weed.


  2. Peter said,

    I meant to add that fair is a kids word, when that comes up


  3. jb said,

    Not something I would use here. Wouldn’t have used it in the previous gardens either. I move around too much when gardening and am usually doing the “walk and pluck”.

    Now, I would have used something like this at the Garden Center I worked at while growing up. When there, I’d sit with a pile of plants around me and work that pile and move to the next.

  4. egb63 said,

    Plant are dense here — Without moving much I can pull up enough Ivy and Grass to cover a dead body.

    I can say weeds and fair don’t go together. I don’t care about dandelions but I will pay a quarter for every (packed)gallon of Ivy you pull out of my yard.

  5. jb said,

    Does that include the roots?

  6. egb63 said,

    of course. But the roots aren’t deep on the ivy.

  7. DM said,

    I don’t know why, but I love pulling weeds. I have a garden cart that can be used as a sit. I loved it when I put the edge of bricks in along the walk. i don’t do sitting on the ground very well, I would rather be on one knee. Any way I do like sitting on my cart and it move along with a push from my feet.

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