The attempt to post everyday

November 30, 2008 at 10:32 pm (fun, learning 2.0, social networking, web 2.0) ()

ok– November has 30 days — I posted on 22 day  and I had 26 posts. ( This is 27) There were one or two posts that felted forced and stupid to me.  There are times when my brain is not good at expressing things in an organized fashion and it isn’t much  fun to force it. On the other hand – some days forcing myself to write something or find some thing to post was good for opening my brain. I have decided that posting more than once a day is fine — I like to keep one thought per post, but I have more than one thought per day. (of course) Posting something because it makes me laugh– thumbs up.  I now know exactly where to go if I need a laugh.  Other people might get a laugh, and maybe  get  a hint of me.  I know if my DH has been reading he has a few ideas for xmas presents. The more I post , the more people seem to read my blog.  Of course, that  could just be the extra cat posts.  ( the internet is really all about cats.  No, really) Some where in December , my blog will be a year old.  I think I am going to continue to try and write more often.  No promises for everyday, because I don’t want to drive myself buggy.  But pushing my self to write a little more than I want to seems to be a good thing.

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