Jane Green

December 5, 2008 at 12:04 pm (book review) (, , )

I just finished The Beach House by Jane Green.  I really like her books.  Her characters are people you know and in general ,you like them.  I was worried when I started this one –because there were a whole bunch of characters introduced and I really didn’t like most of them.  But as the story progressed and the characters met each other, I began to understand them.  And I grew to like them.  The Beach House is now my second favorite Jane Green book.  Bookends was the first I read by  her and is my favorite.

In Beach  House, a bunch of strangers meet in Nantucket. Due to various less-than-ideal circumstances they have been driven to make changes in their lives.  In Bookends, long time friends go through various personal crises.  In both books , the message seems to be that Change happens.  Sometimes it is good, some times it feels bad, but eventually things work out .  Not in an expected or hoped for way, but you survive and can be happy .

I think I like these books , because that is how I try to think.  Too many things are out of our control, but if you can roll with the changes, things will work  out.

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