January 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm (books, rant) ()

Rant alert

Feh.   We have two chain bookstores in town.  Big ones that begin with B. However, they don’t have much.  At the first one, I felt like they were catering to adult fans of Twilight. Everything felt very simplistic and shallow.  100’s of books all with the same cover.  Back  of  a woman holding some sort of weapon.  She is wearing some sort of sleeveless top, tight leather pants in black or red, and a tramp stamp.  Now, I’m not a deep reader.  I read  lots of kid books, YA books, and almost any other book unless it it is a drug, abuse, or war memoir.  I’m not picky, but I only picked up two books while we were there.

DH  found nothing.  So we went to the other big B store in the shopping  center across the street.  Brighter, bigger variety of stuff on display.   and more people.  But no depth.  3 books by most authors.  At least I didn’t feet  like every book in the mystery, horror, SF, and romance section, was a vampire  fantasy.  We only bought a couple of magazines.

I have friends  that are writers.  I know what seems to be happening in the publishing industry.  But honestly, if the publishing industry  is relying on the big book store to sell their stuff — it needs a new way to sell. Amazon  – or any other on line seller- has everything, but hard to browse.

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