better bookstores

January 4, 2009 at 11:21 am (books, cats, fun) (, )

Yesterday  we went walking around SF and ended up on Valencia.  Lots of thrift shops, and bookstores. Many bookstores and coffee shops.  Piles of books I’ve never heard of and book reviews stuck on books that say  ” Looks like smut , but this is actually a touching coming-of-age  story”  .    We  of course, stopped at Bordelands.Talk about depth — fairly complete back stock of lots of authors. But it might also be a favorite store because I spent 20 minutes with Ripley in my lap . Very purry, not very furry.


  1. Uncle Bob said,

    Are you sure it’s really a cat?

  2. egb63 said,

    Purrs like one

  3. Matt said,

    I petted it and it was…odd. It is definitely a cat, though; it expects you to pet it. As the saying goes, “Dogs have masters, cats have staff.”

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