books jan 2008 to dec 2008

January 4, 2009 at 7:27 pm (books) ()

Short list  this year — only  89 books

The ones that I enjoyed most follow:

1 A Great and Terrible Beauty Libba Bray
2 Rebel Angels Libba Bray

3 Toad Rage Morris Gleiteiwag(?)
4 Bad Monkeys Matt Ruff

5 Wednesday Wars Gary Schmidt
6 Savvy Ingrid Law
7 Staked J f Lewis
8 Superpowers David J Schwartz
9 Wicked game Jeri Smith-Ready
10 Rock and Roll Never Forgets Deborah Grabien
11 Room Service Amy Garvey
12 Uncommon Reader Alan Bennet
13 Writing Class Juciy Willett
14 Cabinet of Wonders Marie Rutraski
15 Graveyard book Neil Gaiman
16 Beach House Jane Green
17 Scarlet Moon Debbie Viquie
18 Specials Scott Westerfeld
19 Extras Scott WesterFeld

20 Before Midnight Carmen Oakey
21 Shift Jennifer Bradbury

This list is from my handwritten scrawled list that I have been keeping since October 1997. ( so umm… many of the author names are misspelled) Mostly I use my list as a reminder of books that might be good for other people. Sometimes it helps me keep track of things. For example, I need to go back and figure out which was the last J.D. Robb book I read so I can catch up.

Interesting to note — only a few books are what I would call — contemporary fiction for adults. Mostly SF and fantasy,Lots Of YA and one or two books that are children’s books.

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