where to go with a little dough

February 1, 2009 at 9:55 pm (food, fun, movies, music, niles) (, , , , )

There was a special on tonight- Where to go with a little dough.  It  had  a lot of day tripping around  the bay area on 50 bucks or  less.  I saw a couple of things  that  looked  like fin to me — and places  I had  never  heard of.  Very  cool.  One small snippet was on Niles. Trains, the museum, Michael singing, and bronco billy’s pizza. Pretty cool for something that only last a few minutes.


  1. DM said,

    What ? You didn’t watch the Super Bowl!

  2. egb63 said,

    This was hours after the Superbowl

  3. DM said,

    I just look at the Niles video. It was great , I want to ride the train.

  4. jb said,

    Wait, does your response to DM mean that you watched the Super Bowl?

  5. egb63 said,

    I knew when it was on… does that count?

  6. jb said,

    Good enough for me! All we knew was the start time.

  7. Peter said,

    It was a great super bowl. You all need to appreciate the finer things in life.

  8. jb said,

    A week old baby giraffe is a finer thing in life.

  9. egb63 said,

    A walk around the neighborhood is one of the finer things in life.

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