February 3, 2009 at 9:29 pm (diabetes, food, Uncategorized) ()

I am a snacker, a grazer. And ‘they ‘ will tell you it is a good way to eat. And it is , as long as you make the right choices. When I first started grazing more , it was great . That is when I learned to eat 2 cookies and not the entire box. It is also when I learned that snacking counts. Which means think about what food you need. Of course, diabetes complicates things. It takes away the easy snacks of crackers and cookies and bread. So I have started breaking the habit of reaching for the easy carb snacks.

New snack list:
Nuts, cheese , raw veggies, Whole fruit, nut butters on whole grain bread, hard-boiled eggs,fake crab ( I love it ), ricotta cheese – plain, with cinnamon, or fruit, sliced ham or turkey. In all cases of carbs – mix with a protein.
Off the list — or rare anyway:
plain crackers, dried fruit, bagels, french bread, and the obvious — cookies, sweet breads , backed good, sweetened yogurt, pudding, smoothies.
It turns out , that I really don’t like most artificial sweeteners. Even splenda tastes odd, if not truly bad. so some things just have to be rare. But typing out the list is good. See how much more food is on the snack list than on the rare list. Oddly one of the good things about diabetes is that I realized how limited my thinking about food can get. I like food — all kinds of food, but habits, well, they can kill you. And breaking habits can be delicious.

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