so what do I do to distract my self from food…

February 6, 2009 at 5:44 pm (diabetes, domestic life, food) (, , )

COOK! Tonight dinner is curried pot roast – dump 2 cups of sliced onions in crock pot with about 8 chopped carrots and 2 clove of garlic rub pot roast(2 – 3 lbs) with a mixture of 1 tsp of curry powder , ditto turmeric and ground ginger – plus a bit of salt and pepper. put the roast in crock pot. dump 1/2 cup of beef stock ( or wine ) and 1 14 once can of diced tomatoes. put on high and wait 5 or 6 hours.

Meanwhile make a treat for DH Chocolate granola.

And just because dinner isn’t here yet make Ellie Krieger’s zucchini chips which were tasty , but not very crisp. But since I set, but did not start the timer , that could be my fault.


  1. jb said,

    Post roast sounds really yummy. How was it?

  2. DH said,

    Pot roast was amazing.

    Chocolate granola is astonishing…..


  3. egb63 said,

    Pot roast is really good — and the curry flavor is very subtle. It really just sort of wakes up the meat.

    Of course, if forgot to mention that you must ( of course) take the juice and thicken it for gravy.

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